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Cheryl Cole Nude

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Cheryl Cole Naked

Cheryl Cole Nude Cheryl Cole is famous not only as a Girls Aloud hottie but also as a star who stated that she would never go nude for a photo session. She thinks that sometimes it's better to have a beautiful sexy dress than show underwear. It is her point of view, but the masculine part of her fans is quite disappointed: all the men and the boys dreamed to see Cheryl Cole nude one day. May be Cheryl will change her mind and one day we’ll see her beautiful nude body in the nearest future, who knows. Let us hope for the best.
But now we can enjoy the photo of Cheryl wearing a short sexy dress. It's practically invisible and lets your imagination fly free. Cheryl is sitting on a bench holding her slender legs in her arms. This gives a perfect view not only of her famous rose tattoo but also of a round bubble butt. Her cherry lips are seductive and calling, and I lack of the words to describe her deep shadowy eyes with long rich lashes looking at you in such a way that you forget your name.
Yes, we would like to see Cheryl Cole stripped in some hot video but we must also admit that in this picture the girl is gorgeous as always and she really doesn’t have to undress so to look hot and sexy.
Dear Cheryl, show us your rose tattoo as often as possible! We are always near to the stage and our laptops to have a look at it.

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